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Cloggie Central

What Cloggie Central Offers

Online Advertising Units

A range of advertising options, including banners.


Sponsored reviews are also available for tours, accommodation, activities, meals or products. Full disclosure applies and posts will be labelled as sponsored posts.

Press and Social Media Trips

Cloggie Central is open to these opportunities and will evaluate on an individual basis.


Writing and Photography Services

Whether you are looking for fresh editorial content, new photographs to enhance your website or support to make your product and/or service available to English speaking customers, Cloggie Central has the experience and skills to help you reach your objective. Services available include: writing and expat journalism, photography, copywriting, editing and translation.

Social Media/Community Management

Cloggie Central offers a range of packages to meet your social media and community needs.

How to Find Out More

Cloggie Central is always open to collaborations, commissions, freelance opportunities and special projects. So please feel free to make contact with requests. Simply use the contact form or email heathertucker (at) cloggiecentral (dot)com to discuss your objectives.

Preferred method of payment is via PayPal with an additional 4% administration fee.


 Company Number: 24437170 (KvK) Tax Registration Number: NL263927908B01



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Heather Tucker -  Heather TuckerWriter. Photographer. Explorer of the Netherlands as a Visit Holland Ambassador and Blogger. Editor-in-Chief at Travel Gluttons. Addicted to pens, hotels and hippos.