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Photographs are all around us – illustrating magazine articles, engaging fans on social media and holding together the components of an ad campaign.

But when it comes to the world of travel, sourcing current, accurate and tailored images can be tricky.

We decided to change this.

Dutch Windmill in the Netherlands

At Cloggie Central we understand how important it is that the photos you use of the Netherlands match what travellers can find there.

Our affordable general stock photos and tailor-made packages offer you two levels to select from.

Option One: Pre-made packages based on different themes – e.g. “Highlights of Amsterdam”, “Dutch Food”, “Dutch Windmills”, etc. The photos in these packages can be used for websites, social media and print up to A4 size. They are not exclusive (i.e. other people can also buy and use the same packages) and they cannot be added to your media bank.

Option Two: Tailor-made packages based on your budget and requirements. The photos in the tailored packages are exclusive (i.e. they will not be given to another client nor added to the pre-made packages) and therefore, they can be added to media banks. They can also be used for websites, social media, print up to A4 (bigger than this is by discussion).

No matter which option you choose, you’ll benefit from:

  • High quality photographs.
  • Photographers who know where to go to get the images you need.
  • The comfort of knowing that all the photographs are up-to-date and accurately represent the current situation in the Netherlands.
  • The confidence that all the images are correctly labelled and keyworded.
  • Clear permission and guidance on how the images can be used.
  • The ability to create tailor-made packages that fit your requirements and your budget.

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