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Orange feathers and puke. Granted, only a small amount of each but it wasn’t quite the scene I was hoping to see when I stepped out onto Museumplein in Amsterdam. To be fair, not only is this area sardine packed with top museums but it was also one of the key places for last week’s (April 30th 2013) Queen’s Day festivities – hence the orange feathers, and probably the puke as well.

Inspecting a Van Gogh

Behind me the remains of a stage used for the celebrations was being dismantled. Groups buzzed around the controversial bathtub shaped building of the Stedelijk Museum in front of me. And just through the buildings on my right, I could see a rather long line of people – all facing the building I wanted to enter – the Van Gogh Museum.

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  1. Is it bad I didn’t even realize it was closed? It’s been years since I went there.

  2. amsterdamian

    Good to know! I’m planning a visit soon :)

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