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camelButcher Johannes Hoekstra has been selling camel meat sandwiches in Leeuwarden since Saturday and with great success. He imports the meat directly from Australia, where they appear to be having a bit of a camel plague at the moment.

The million wild camels living in the country result in millions in damages to the agricultural sector. Therefore, the Australian Government has launched a special program to keep the camel population in check. Weak camels with little chances of survival are selected and slaughtered. The meat is then exported.

Hoekstra is one of the people that meat has been exported to, originally buying fifty pounds of the camel meat, which is good for 250 hamburgers.

On Saturday Hoekstra sold his products to approximately sixty citizens.

“It looks like beef, but it’s something more tender and sweeter,” said the butcher.

Will you be heading to Leeuwarden for a camel sandwich?


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