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Spezi_OriginalLast week I asked you if you knew what drink you get if you combine cola with orange. Did you know the answer?


Spezi is a soft drink made with cola and orange fizzy drink. While technically a brand registered to Brauhaus Riegele in Augsburg, Germany, in most of Germany and Austria, Spezi is a generic term for the mixture.


Why someone decided to mix orange and cola flavoured fizzy drinks is a bit like asking how someone figured out that any other drink combination would be good together. However, due to its thirst-quenching qualities, Spezi is popular in ski resorts and mountain huts. Since many designated drivers opt for a Spezi, it is sometimes referred to as “driver’s beer”. It is also sometimes called “Kalter Kaffee” (cold coffee) because of its colour.


Spezi is found in many locations around Germany. Mezzo Mix, a similar product, is sold in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland and even some international sections of Wegmans. Other similar products exist, including Coca-Cola Orange.


Spezi and its alternatives are available year round.


In addition to brand differences, it was also possible to find lemon varieties of the drink as well as the orange option. Proving not as popular, the lemon version was discontinued for some time but since about 2003, it has started to make an appearance again.

How Much [Should I Drink]:

Spezi is not a drink for me. I find the mixture of the two flavours makes both bland and doesn’t do much for creating a new flavour. But I happily admit, I appear to be in the minority on this. You will just have to drink it yourself to decide.

Pas Op! (Watch Out!):

There can be quite a difference between brands, so while you might not like one brand feel adventerous and try another.


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