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Travel Gluttons LogoI have some exciting news for you. For the past few months, I have been working together with some really great people to launch a new website and now it is almost ready. Later today (unless something blows up) Travel Gluttons will officially go live.

As you will quickly learn from the website, the aim of Travel Gluttons is to tell the story of travel through food and food through travel. And boy do we have some good stuff planned.

But what does that mean for Cloggie Central I hear you ask? Things here will continue on as normal, if anything, things here will get even more interesting as the trips we take for Travel Gluttons are likely to result in some (different) stories for Cloggie Central as well. So no need to panic.

If you would like to pay Travel Gluttons a visit, we would love to see you. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and of course, the website itself.


About the author: Heather Tucker


Heather is a writer, photographer and explorer of the world with bylines in Porthole Cruise Magazine, Taste&Travel International, Holland.com, and ACCESS Magazine, amongst others. She is addicted to pen, paper, hotels, organisation and hippos. In addition to Cloggie Central, you can find her over at Travel Gluttons.


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