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What would you like to eat?

I love Amsterdam Centraal train station. Not for its hundreds of connections to cities near and far. Nor for the renowned architecture, which just recently had a face-lift. No, my love for Amsterdam Centraal is because of food – more specifically, pasta.

Tucked away among the shops that train travellers pass by without a second glance is Julia’s.

Come in the morning and you will find it resembling an Italian espresso bar with coffee from Illy and croissants just out of the oven. Come in the afternoon or evening and you’ve got yourself the best food option in the station.

Pasta! Yum!

Pasta! Yum!

Pasta lovers can choose from four different types of pasta and seven different sauces, all cooked for you on the spot and topped with your favourite garnishes. Ciabatta lovers will be happy too.

I’ve created a new ritual of grabbing a Julia’s pasta whenever I am in Amsterdam and don’t have time for a sit-down meal.  And the best bit is that there is now a Julia’s at Rotterdam Centraal, i.e. very near to where I live.

Guess what’s for lunch today?!?


About the author: Heather Tucker


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  1. I’ve not eaten at one of these places for a while but they are great :)

  2. I agree
    Experiment a honest and wondrefull parma ham sandwich

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