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Foodie Pen PalsToday is Foodie PenPals Reveal Day! If you have no idea what that means, then you should probably check out my post about the Foodie PenPal Swap from last month.

This month my parcel sender was located just across the border. Jessi is an expat living in the nearish city of Brussels in Belgium. When I mentioned to a friend that my box sender was in Belgium, her immediate reaction was “oh my god, you are going to get goooood chocolate!” and then she disappeared into a daydream that no doubt featured delicious bars of chocolate.

My friend wasn’t far from the truth because when I opened my box, the first thing I spotted was a Spéculoos bar of chocolate from NewTree. I first came across the NewTree brand at a chocolate festival I went to in Brugge, last year, and loved them – especially the chili bar. And Spéculoos flavour…yum (Invader Stu can tell you a bit about that).

Yummy Package ContentsThe next thing in my box was a big bag of Flakes, Cranberry and Milk Chocolate.  The smell that escapes from this bag probably counts for a handful of calories in itself – that’s how wonderful the aroma is. Actually, maybe they should make air fresheners in this scent as I bet there would then be a lot of very happy people out there.

Next up were some miniature Halloween chocolate pieces. They are so cute that I almost don’t want to open the container and eat them. Jessi also sent over some apple, mango, passion fruit crispy fruits. I loved her explanation on the card which said “so I can pretend there’s something healthy”.

Last but not least, is the pink bag you see in the photo. It is filled with cuberdons, which I first tried on a trip to Ghent, Belgium. If Jessi is looking at the photo, she will no doubt be thinking that the bag looks a little smaller than she remembers. Yes, that would be because I have already eaten half the bag. I am super jealous of her for living somewhere that allows her to have these whenever she likes!

So all in all a super cool parcel. Thank you very much to Jessi for all the great items. I’m a little bit sad because I won’t be able to participate in the November swap as I will be on holiday, but I am looking forward to getting back into it in the New Year. If you would like to take part, you can click on the big button below for all the details.

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