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It doesn’t take a genius to realist that I have fallen slightly behind with my 365 project, yet again. While I love the idea of the project, I always seem to run out of hours in the day to take the photos, process them and then post them here on Cloggie Central. This usually results in me snapping something random and not so interesting or forgetting about it altogether and that clearly isn’t benefiting anyone!

I had a long think about what exactly I want to achieve with this section on my website, discussed it through with my friend Christina over on Connecting Coordinates and then I came to a decision. What I want to do is share photos from my travels with you but instead of bombarding you with album after album, I will only post one photo or a collage of a few photos and I will base these photos around one common location, event or experience. Some photos will be new, some a bit older but overall they will be related to travel.

This is going to work much better, I’m sure, because I can more easily plan for weeks that are extra busy. And with that, I present my first travel photo of the week – a photo of the city I live in – Rotterdam. It is quite fitting that the photo is one from the Netherlands as on Tuesday I will start a new working role, that of Holland Ambassador with the Netherlands Tourism Board. I’m quite looking forward to it!



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Heather is a writer, photographer and explorer of the world with bylines in Porthole Cruise Magazine, Taste&Travel International, Holland.com, and ACCESS Magazine, amongst others. She is addicted to pen, paper, hotels, organisation and hippos. In addition to Cloggie Central, you can find her over at Travel Gluttons.


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  1. Sounds great Heather, good luck! ;)

  2. That looks familiar :)

    • Glad that you still remember what it looks like down here with all that time you spend in Amsterdam. ;)

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