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One of my favourite things about German Christmas Markets is the mug system. I don’t think “mug system” is the technical term but it works for me.

When you buy a hot drink at the market, you will pay a small deposit for the mug that the drink comes in. When you are finished with your drink, you can return the mug and you will get your deposit back. If you have decided to go for a second (or third/fourth/fifth) drink, then you can just hand over your mug which will be refilled and you will pay a little less since you already have the mug.

However, if you become really attached to your mug, even when it is empty, then that is no problem. You are free to keep it without an ounce of guilt. Even better is that each town has a different mug and they usually have the name of the town on them, making them a perfect reminder from your trip!

During the Christmas Market trip, we kept one mug from each town (on one or two occasions we actually kept two). Below you can see all the different mugs that we came across.



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  1. That’s a great idea. Especially each town having their own mug. Makes for a great souvenir to collect.

  2. First, I’d like to say that I love this post! I had a chance to visit Christmas Markets in Germany this December and it was truly a memorable experience.

    Second, I should mention that I checked out your blog after reading your thoughts on the sponsored posts/links thread on MatadorU. I’m new to the program and trying to figure out where to take my blog/writing (up until now it was pretty much for family and friends back home). Anyway, I’ve enjoyed looking through yours and I think it’s great, and has inspired me to think about “expat blogging” in a different way. So, I guess I’m saying thanks ;)

    • Hi Marina,

      Thanks for stopping by and great to hear that you enjoyed the post and that the blog has given you some food for thought, in relation to your own site. Good luck and don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. :)


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